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Tianjin Cable General Factory Rubber-plastic Cable Factory
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Tianjin Cable General Factory Rubber Plastic Cable Factory produces a full range of coal mine flame retardant cables, rubber sheathed cables, (yc cables, ycw cables, yz cables, yzw cables, yh cables, yhd cables, jhs cables, ugf cables), mines Use rubber sheathed cable, mine cable (my cable, mz cable, mc cable, myptj cable, mvv cable, mhyv cable, mkvv cable, myjv cable, mkyjv cable), flame-retardant communication cable for coal mine, communication cable for mine, mine Control cables, high-voltage cables, hya communication cables, mining communication cables, city communication cables, railway signal cables, computer cables, flame-retardant flexible cables for communication power supplies, control cables (kvv cables, kvv22 cables, kvvp cables, kvvrp cables ),, Shielded cable, mine signal cable, flame retardant cable (zrvv cable, zrkvv cable), airport lighting cable, coaxial cable (vv cable, vv22 cable, vvp cable, vvr cable, yjv cable, yjv22 Cables, mine control cables, mine power cables, high voltage coal mine cables, low voltage cables, distribution wires (bv wires), etc. hvv cable, nhkvv cable) [cross-linked] control cable for coal mines, [cross-linked] power cable for coal mines), yc, yzw general rubber ... [ View details ]
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Mine cable - communication cable - rubber sheathed cable - flame - retardant cable - control cable
Tianjin Cable General Factory Rubber-plastic Cable Factory Phone: 0316-5960308 Contact: Hao Guojun Address: Tianjin
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